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5 things to remember when going back to the gym!

Griggs fitness blog! Back to the gym!

How are we doing? Gyms opened today (Monday)...who’s been already?! With that in mind welcome to blog 3!

Now the 12th April has finally arrived it is time to go back into the gym!

I’m going to give you 5 things to remember when going back to the gym! Because it’s been a while hasn’t it...sometimes it’s easy for something to feel so alien that was once so familiar when we spend a lot of time away from that.

With most of us wanting to jump right back into the steam rolling consistent routine we were once in, it’s important to breath recalibrate and step back, just make sure we attack this next phase of our fitness journeys with the best possible prep and attitude.

1) Schedule your workouts

By scheduling your workouts, you have no excuse for not going to the gym and it gives you a plan of attack for the week ahead! Remember us humans LOVE routine. I would advise on picking days on when you want to go the gym and at a certain time! Give it ago, give yourself some time to get into the routine, let me know what you think...

2) Perfect your technique to be safe!

Perfecting your technique will be a crucial skill to learn! Every rep and set should be completed in the best way you possibly can. Full rep range, slow tempo, squeezes at the top etc. If you are unsure or need some help, the gym instructors are there to help you! Use them! It’s their job - you wouldn’t mind asking a car sales consultant for advice, so ask the gym staff for advice if you’re not sure too!

3) Remember how good it makes you feel and what you want to achieve!

The sense of achievement after completing a hard workout is a great high. Another step in the right direction and another 1% better than yesterday! Also remember why you started and what you want to achieve, that motivation of seeing what you want to look like can keep you focused! And know that no one has ever felt worse than before, after a workout. It’s a natural remedy to boost those endorphin levels...I know you know the feeling.

4) Exercise outside the gym!

Exercising shouldn’t only do in the gym! You could look at set a certain number of steps to hit each day, join a local sporting club, go sea swimming, cycle, sign up for a local event (marathon). Sport is incredible for mindset, social and cognitive skills. It’s not just for the gym.

5) Find a gym buddy!

Finding a gym buddy can help you keep going and push you that extra yard. It gives you someone to be accountable for and with, if one of your straggling for motivation the other partner will be able to help drag you out of that!

Back in my earlier days starting the gym I did this a lot and I wouldn’t be in the good shape I was in or even in the position I am today if I hadn’t! Anyone who is also struggling with nerves or confidence in the gym this is a real help to have your buddy by your side! We like to work in packs, always have always will. Having someone next to you who has the same mindset and is on the same journey as you will boost that want to get it done. You got this!

Now, I know you’re probably chomping at the bit to get going again now, so I won’t keep you for too much longer... but I hope these 5 points help you kickstart your fitness journey, remind you why you started or give you a quick boost to getting back into the gym again!

Have fun with the process and enjoy the journey.

Take care,

Coach Griggs

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