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The First Griggs Fitness blog!!!

Welcome to the first blog!

Firstly, Well done for making it this far - I must be doing something right! However, if you’re new, buckle up and enjoy the ride.

So why am I here? To try my hand in writing? Hardly. Put simply this blog is somewhere for us to grow together.

To learn and develop from stories of my own experiences (both good and bad) whilst seasoning it all with tips, techniques and basic tricks of the trade that I have picked up in my healthy start to personal training. When taken in I am hoping the words you read, from myself, will level you up as a trainer, or person, to really help you start living your potential. So, if you want to be better, do better or simply know more? Stay tuned…

I’ve owned Griggs Fitness for two and a half years now, time flies when you’re having fun…*sorry for the cliché*, but it has allowed me thousands of hours of practice in the industry, mainly in the lion’s den of it all: The gym floor.

Without this sounding like a CV, in that time I’ve grown and developed the ‘Griggs Fitness community’, increasing the online team, working as a strength & Conditioning coach and working with some pretty top athletes as well. I feel it is time now to increase and provide for others too! Like yourself…

But what will we be diving into on this platform…?

- Understanding clients, working out all the problems with clients physically/mentally with injuries and their individual mechanics, training clients at the correct threshold. How to get the best for and out of them.

- How to be a people’s person. (this is a must).

- How to communicate with clients in person, over text or email. – be surprised how many trainers can slip up here.

- How to create a friendly approach to people on the gym floor and have a solid conversation.

- Creating a coach's eye to help technique or to see injuries that you can advise what to do.

- In depth discussions on how to help your athletes improve their training making sure it is specific to them and their needs.

- How to create a business and not jump too fast into becoming the next big thing.

- How to boost business through the modern means of email lists, Instagram accounts and promotions.

- Educational, because without education we have no growth…

In short, if you want more clients and want the best for these clients, or yourself, then follow me…

I’m trying not to overload you here, but basically, I want you to know I am here to help. I know it's exciting! Believe me I could go on for hours but let's not get ahead of ourselves, patience is key in this business.

All the tips and tricks will be here, you just need to read them. Easy right? Whether you want to level up as a coach, athlete, businessman, normal gym goer, or just an interested reader wanting to improve your knowledge.

I love this industry; I love watching people achieve their potential and I want to share everything I know that will help you do that.

For now, though take care and stay tuned!

To be continued…

Coach Griggs

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