"Ollie fully 'invests' in his clients.  He goes to great lengths to understand your objectives and what you are prepared (and, crucially, not prepared) to do to achieve them.  He takes a holistic approach offering not just fitness support but advice on diet and lifestyle.  His interest and support is not confined to sessions themselves but he is interested 'off the clock' as well.  Ollie has given me a focus and inspiration to keep going and has guided me towards a better all round lifestyle."

Conor Burns MP

Member of Parliament for Bournemouth West


"Ollie is a talented hard working individual who will go to extra lengths to ensure his clients are satisfied. He has definitely helped influence who and where I am today and is someone I can trust and rely on."

Tom Blair

Professional Football Player


"Ollie is such a knowledgeable and personable trainer. Every session is varied and challenging, with a mix of cardio, weights and introducing new exercises that keeps me motivated. My overall strength and fitness has improved so much since I’ve been training with Ollie. I’m amazed what I can now push, pull and lift! He is always so encouraging and genuinely supportive of all aspects of my well being."

Sally Wilson